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Viddyoze Reviewed

Viddyoze turns your video boring videos into exciting master pieces. The software is extremely easy to use. Stop over complicating with expensive, and hard to use software and start creating beautiful videos.

These companies are now creating beautiful videos with Viddyoze

Viddyoze - Vondafone
Viddyoze - Scania
Viddyoze - Tesla
Viddyoze - DHL

This review of Viddyoze is not only about really powerful software. It is about the leveling of a playing field.   

Viddyoze has taken an immense leap into the world of successful video marketing. Ever since brands started building their businesses, online digital marketing has been evolving. With many of the best development software kept out of reach of the small business. Creators are having to pay a hefty price for the privilege of providing great content.   

Not all digital marketing is video-based marketing. Other forms of marketing involve SEO, influencer, interrupt, copywriting, or affiliate marketing. These all have their use, but video marketing has shown time and time again to have the most impact in today's world.   


A professional video can grab a customer's attention, unlike any other medium.   


Video marketing may seem relatively new. We've been using videos to sell ideas and brands for as long as I can remember. The most effective sales videos tend to have a professional touch.   


And that’s where Viddyoze comes in.  


Viddyoze is a video animation platform created by Joey Xoto, David Chamberlain, and Jamie Garside. The initial launch in 2015 to give people the ability to make stunning video effects in record time. Companies can promote their brands with the help of animated videos. They can do this without spending a ton of money.  


How? Let’s find out!  Only in this Viddyoze Review


Viddyozed reviewed - Bring Your Logos To Life

Reviewing Viddyoze - Video Animation Software for Brands

While preparing my Viddyoze Review I learned Viddyoze is used by some of the biggest, most successful brand names globally, such as Vodafone, Tesla, Sony, Verizon, Philips, and others. Viddyoze has more than 100,000 customers around the world.  

  Viddyoze gives small businesses the ability to create 3D animations with a few clicks. Viddyoze can create video animations, outros, studio-level intros, and logos. Designing 3D animations on your own can prove to be tedious and expensive.  

  What makes Viddyoze great is that you don't need to have experience with video creation. Even if you do pay someone to do it, your animations can take days to get ready. But Viddyoze allows people to create top-notch animations within a matter of minutes.  

  All you need is a computer, an internet connection, the Viddyoze app, and you’re good to go. 


Viddyoze Reviewed - Viddyoze makes videos that POP

Create Capturing Videos In 3 Easy Steps

- Step 1: Select your template. There are hundreds of templates available for you to use. All templates are designed by professionals and will suit any purpose.

 - Step 2: Load your logo, adjust colors to match your branding and insert your CTAs.   

- Step 3: Click Render.  

Viddyozed reviewed - This is not your Typical Logo Software

1,500+ templates

If you have no experience at editing videos, you won't ever have to worry about it again. With Viddyoze, you can instantly access to over 1,500 templates for every kind of video you'd ever need to create. 

But you have to be part of the Template Club to get access to all the templates

Viddyoze Reviewed - Template Club

Viddyoze Template Club

If you are thinking that everyone is going to be using the same old templates over and over again? Well, don't with the Viddyoze template club. You will have access to more than 1500 templates.....  

  I know that sounds like a lot, but the template club is a monthly subscription service. Viddyoze wants to deliver on the latest trends. Every month they will release 20 new templates to use. Being part of the template club guarantees that you will always have something new to offer your clients.  

  With the Template Club, you have the option to add audio tracks to your video animations. You can create a personal library in your Viddyoze account. Why have a personal library? The library saves time from uploading images, logos, and B-roll you might want to use later.

Viddyozed reviewed - Logos Move with template with intelligent design

Intelligent  Design

This is something new that I have not heard about any other software being able to do. Have logos move with the template. When the Placeholder in the template moves up, down or side to side the logo move with it. The real tricky part is when the placeholder in the template move in an angular motion which causes other software to go hay wire. Viddyoze is designed to transform your logo to match the skewed angles in the video. This is what sets Viddyoze apart from so many other software competitors on the market.  

Viddyoze Reviewed - Capture the meaningful moments

Capture the Meaningful Moments in Life

We have all watched birthday, wedding, anniversary videos.  

How often are they just blaaaa?  

Add life and zest back into the moments that were once lost. With the 1500+ templates, transitions, music overlays available anyone can rekindle those moments as they are meant to be remembered.  

Viddyoze is no longer exclusively for logo design. The new updates Joey and his team has been working on allows for much more. When you buy the commercial license you will find training videos on finding the perfect templates for any situation.  

See it in action

Viddyoze is used by over 100,000 video creators around the world. From real estate, to online marketing, e-commerce, restaurantes and hundreds of other differents businesses

  • Viddyoze Personal

  • Rendering in the Cloud

  • 170 Professional Video Templates

  • 30 Renders Per Month

  • Unlimited Usage Rights on Personal Videos

  • Jaw-Dropping Live Action Video Engine Including all Features

  • This is the perfect version for those who are only making videos for themselves and do not see rendering more than one video per day. You have all the excellent features that Viddyoze has to offer. You will get all this for about the price it would take to have a freelancer create just one of these designs for you.  

    Viddyoze Commercial

  • Cloud Rendering

  • 170 Professional Video Templates

  • Unlimited Rendering each month

  • Unlimited Usage Rights on Personal Videos

  • Jew-Dropping Live Action Video Engine Including all Features

  • Unlimited Usage Rights on Client Videos to resell

  • This is the perfect version for those who are wanting to make and resell videos to customers or clients. Many people will buy Viddyoze to fill a service on fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer. If you are familiar with these services or platforms you know that you can make a lot of money doing this.  

    Another reason why many people elect to buy the commercial license is to get the unlimited rendering and the price differential is not that much.  

    “Was amazed at how much could be achieved from the core samples so joined the template club. Been in TV for a lot for a lot of my life and this awoke a new desire to become a part of the growing video movement. It means that I can add some very effective and good looking animations to my work, knowing that all the up-front time consuming creating is now only a few clicks away.”

    Mike Richards

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